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Are you dealing with rodents or animals in your home’s walls? Have you experienced a wasp or ant infestation that just won’t seem to end? Trust the experts at Bert’s Termite & Pest Control to end those pesky problems for good.


Our team of professional exterminators has been providing pest and termite control services to Columbia for more than 10 years.


-Preventative measures to avoid future issues

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Inspection is key to prevent future pest infestations

Have a hunch your home is infested? Make sure to take precautionary steps with inspections from Bert’s Termite & Pest Control before problems worsen.

We offer inspections and exterminations for all types of pesky critters. Trust our pest control services to remove ants, cockroaches, bees, spiders and more. We also remove termites and rodents.

Eliminating all types of pests


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Protect your home by taking preventative measures. Inspections are key for avoiding future infestations.

Support your community! Bert's Termite & Pest Control is locally owned and operated.