Find out how crawlspace encapsulation can help prevent pests, reduce moisture, and lower allergens in your home.

Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Whether you want to prevent pests from coming into your home, want to eliminate excess moisture in your crawlspace, or reduce allergens making their way into your home, crawlspace encapsulation can resolve a number of issues for you and your home.   

Pest Prevention

With crawlspace encapsulation, pests such as spiders, ants, mice, snakes, and other insects and animals have a harder time making their way into your home.  Since a typical crawlspace has points of entry near the ground that are readily accessible by insects and animals, it is easy to understand how your crawlspace can become overran by them.  Unfortunately, they will eventually work their way into your home through holes in plumbing, electrical, or gaps in construction.

Excess Moisture

Excess moisture in your crawlspace can cause a multitude of problems.  Whether it is buckling floors, higher energy bills and the attraction of pests, excess moisture can create costly problems for your home.  Crawlspace encapsulation can help prevent costly floor damage and help reduce energy bills as dryer air below your floor doesn’t take as much energy to heat or cool.  Additionally, some pests thrive in wet environments.

Reduce Allergens

A crawlspace that is allowed to stay moist also creates an environment that is ideal for mold and mildew growth.  Mold and mildew spores will eventually make their way into your home and circulate through your house irritating the lungs and eyes.  With crawlspace encapsulation, mold and mildew growth will be reduced helping create a more healthy home.

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